The vines are bare, the autumn colours have faded, and the 2019 wines are developing well in barrel. The cellar door menu has moved to warming winter food and the fire is roaring! Here is a quick round-up of recent activity, and what we have planned for the coming months

2019 Vintage report

Harvest Period – 14th March – 1st April 2019

The ebb and flow climatic nature of the 2019 vintage threw us a variety of viticultural challenges, yet as we often see from these conditions, the resulting fruit was of remarkable character and quality.

Bud-burst started early after a mild and dry winter, followed by heavy rain over Spring. As a result of the difficult pollinating conditions, small berries were produced amongst continual, but manageable, disease pressure.

The warm and dry summer (see chart below) culminated in a short heat-wave over early March, and had us rushing to get the winery prepared for vintage. When a sudden cold snap followed, ripening slowed down allowing a well-paced late March harvest.

Temperatures  Were generally higher than average:

December January February March
13.9 (12.0) 15.0 (13.9) 13.1 (14.3) 9.6 (12.6) C – Low (avg)
24.6 (22.5) 26.5 (24.6) 25.6 (25.1) 24.7 (23.2) C – High (avg)

Rainfall    Was very low:

December January February March
98.4 (44.2) 2.4 (32.8) 11.0 (30.4) 19.0 (41.4) mls (avg)

The young wines are showing great potential, having a deep array of fruit aromas, and most noticeably a retention of colour not frequently achieved on the Mornington Peninsula.

New Main Ridge Estate website

Have a look at our new website at which we hope you find informative and easy to use. We think the new images by local photographer Chris McConville provide a new perspective on the property and what we offer to our visitors.

Recent reviews and recognition

Main Ridge Estate | Mornington Peninsula Winery | Cellar Door | News from a small vineyard | Winter 2019The 2017 vintage was later and cooler than normal and presented some challenges to the winemakers. We are delighted that the resulting wines have been well received.

Following the bountiful 2017 vintage, we still have stock of these wines, however the 20172017 ‘Half Acre’ Pinot Noir is almost sold out and there is a 3 bottle limit.

2017 Main Ridge Estate Chardonnay
“A wine of richness and length…a fresh take on an old-school style.
It’s quite gorgeous”.
Campbell Mattinson, Halliday Wine Companion, 96 points

“A thorough-bred. Generosity that keeps on giving”
Ned Goodwin MW, 94 points.

2017 Main Ridge Estate ‘The Acre’ Pinot Noir
“Built on structure and to age. In short, it hits quality dead centre”.
Campbell Mattinson, Halliday Wine Companion 97 points

“..opens up beautifully as the oak settles in around the seams, capturing the diaphanous essence of pinot. A wine for lovers of Burgundy”.
Ned Goodwin MW 96 points

2017 Main Ridge Estate ‘Half Acre’ Pinot Noir
“An excellent pinot noir of verve and regionality…first class purity and definition”
Jeremy Oliver, 96 points

“There is thrilling energy across this wine. Will age superbly.”
Ned Goodwin MW, 95 points.


Main Ridge Estate “Best Tasting Experience” Mornington Peninsula

We strive to give our guests warm family hospitality at the cellar door. James Sexton is at the bench pouring tastings on most weekends, supported by family members and by assistant winemaker Linda Hodges. We were therefore thrilled to receive recognition for our efforts through this award.