There are a lot of reasons to like Chardonnay. Enjoyment of a glass aside, Chardonnay’s ability to surprise and excel in a various climatic conditions is why I believe it holds such a special place in the hearts of grape growers. The Main Ridge Estate 2017 Chardonnay is an excellent example of this.

The cool conditions in 2017 were at odds with recent years and went on to give the Mornington Peninsula a variety of viticultural challenges.

Our Merlot unfortunately suffered. With a preference for warmer conditions, aromatic ripeness was unable to be achieved and thus we have chosen to discard the 2017 Merlot vintage. Our apologies to regular buyers, but as always, we are sticklers for quality.

The Chardonnay however seemed to relish the conditions, and what resulted are wines that whilst reflective of the cooler conditions, show all the hallmarks of the Main Ridge Estate vineyard; power and intensity with no loss of balance.

2019 has thrown our Chardonnay another challenge. Heavy rainfall during Spring is never ideal for fruit set and the effects of this are now being seen in our Pinot Noir , with lower crops now expected. The Chardonnay vines however look to remain our golden child!


James Sexton