Spring-ing back!

Spring has suddenly arrived after another wet and windy Winter on Red Hill and with the prospect of re-opening the cellar door in October, we have our fingers crossed for a ‘COVID Normal’ Summer.

We have continued to make the most of the shutdown periods on projects that are harder to do in our normal operational mode. Notably, our new entrance with adjacent lawn and rock garden will give us plenty of outdoor space to spread out when we reopen.

Within the vineyard, our main block of Chardonnay has been smartened-up with new posts and wires. Doing so has set the foundations for a new trellising system that James and Linda hope will bring back some extra vigour to the old vines.

The cellar door is very much the ‘heart and soul’ of Main Ridge Estate, and we (especially our Westie, Archie!) are really looking forward to welcoming back our visitors and local community.

The Sexton Family

Cellar door re-opening ‘soon’

Ample outdoor and indoor space will allow us to comfortably reopen alongside current guidelines.

Work has begun putting together a new set-menu of seasonal share dishes that based on the current roadmap, will be on offer outside on the Deck from 31 October.

Wine tastings will be included for lunch guests. We will keep you posted on tasting only visits as more information becomes available.

Wine releases, reviews… and a special offer

The disruptions of 2020 have given us the opportunity to reschedule the traditional timing of our wine releases (Pinot Noir in September, Chardonnay in February). Our objective going forward is to have the releases better aligned to the season (Chardonnay pre-Summer, Pinot pre- Winter) and in optimal condition. We will therefore be releasing the 2019 Chardonnay when we re-open in October 2020, and the 2019 Pinot Noirs in 2021.

Like the rest of our industry, we have not been immune from the economic impact of the pandemic. The cellar door shutdowns have slowed our overall wine sales, and so we are very grateful for the support of our loyal mailing-list customers over the past months. In recognition, we are pleased to make the following special offer on the 2018 Vintage wines (below).

Halliday Wine Companion 2021 reviews

To order online: go to
OR: Call Libby on 03 5989 2686, or email libby@mre.com.au

Offer expires on 30 October 2020