The two Pinot Noirs produced at Main Ridge Estate have always been viewed to reflect the terroir of their sites within the vineyard; each with its own special attributes, one no greater than the other.

2018 seems to be a year in which our two wines are competing for supremacy!

Ideal conditions over the Spring of 2017 drove many of the characters that now define the 2018 vintage. Warm and dry weather provided conditions for perfect and rapid pollination, resulting in heavy bunches with above average berry size. This weather continued over the summer, with all pockets of the vineyard ripening at an even pace.

The result? All fruit was harvested in less than 10 days (one of the shortest vintages in our history) and the grapes arrived at the winery in perfect condition.

The array of fruit aromas in the wines are reflective of the harvest quality. The softer tannins and elegant structure are typical of these fast ripening conditions, and give the wines a youthful appeal.

Something to enjoy whilst we wait for those 2017 Pinot Noirs to settle down!


James Sexton

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