A ‘magical’ place

Main Ridge Estate is ideal for producing cool climate wines. At an altitude of 230 metres, the vineyard is one of the highest on the Mornington Peninsula. The Estate is set on 4.8 hectares, with 3 hectares under vine. The rich volcanic soil and the deep-rooted mature vines ensure no irrigation is required. Our 5,000 vines are approximately 60% pinot noir and 40% chardonnay. The north-facing vineyards slope gently down from William Road, sheltered by mature stands of trees.



Our chardonnay is 100% barrel fermented in new French oak barriques, lees stirred without sulphur dioxide for 11 months, with complete malo-lactic conversion. Natural yeasts are utilized to produce complex and individual wine. The resulting wine has a restrained fruit character combined with  creamy vanilla and spice characters which carry a very persistent finish.  It is designed to benefit from long cellaring.


Chardonnay 2015

With all fruit in before April, this was perhaps the earliest our Chardonnay has been picked. Soft stone fruits and sweet spices are balanced with a lifted citrus finish. A classic MRE Chardonnay.

Alcohol: 13.5%, PH: 3.35, TA: 6.7g/l

Chardonnay 2014

2014 provided perfect conditions for Chardonnay to ripen free of disease, however wet & windy weather at flowering resulted in a small crop. Picking was late (7 – 9 April). The wine has exceptionally rich flavour, balanced by higher than usual acidity.

Alcohol: 13%, PH: 3.23, TA: 7.5g/l

Chardonnay 2013

2012/13 was wonderful for making Chardonnay – a fine Spring, moderate summer & warm dry weather at vintage. Picked from March 18 – April 2. Exceptionally delicate aromas & a rich lingering palate of stone fruit, dried pear, crushed hazelnuts & limey acid finish.

“Rich in chardonnay nuance and dense with age worthy fruit, honey yellow peach and stone fruit aroma with creamy lees, subtle cashew and nuts in a very subtle frame…”
Rob Geddes, 2016 Australian Wine Vintages, 95 points 5 Gold Stars

Alcohol: 13%, PH: 3.45, TA: 6.4g/l


Pinot Noir

Our two pinot noirs are made identically, but reflect their different terroir. Six clones of pinot noir are planted in the vineyard in order to ensure complexity in the wine. These clones ripen at various times and picking is during April. Half Acre is from the site in the vineyard with shallower soil, which produces smaller bunches and berries.  The greater skin to juice ratio results in a more intense tannic wine. The Acre is suitable for earlier drinking as the tannins are softer. Warm fermentations using natural yeast are carried out in 2,000 litre open vats with gentle plunging by hand. Further maceration on skins precedes pressing. Ageing is for 18 months in French Oak barriques. Our pinots show vibrant dark cherry fruit, spice, and an elegant soft palate of great intensity and length.


The Acre Pinot Noir 2015

The quality of The Acre block seems to improve each year and 2015 is no exception. Brightly fruited with fine tannins. Approachable in its youth, and could surprise in the cellar.

Alcohol: 13.5%, PH: 3.54, TA: 6g/l

Half Acre Pinot Noir 2015

Picked late March, the warmer conditions provided darker and intense spiced cherry fruit. The firm tannins will soften with what again will be a wonderful wine for the cellar.

Alcohol: 13.5%, PH: 3.52, TA: 6.15g/l

The Acre Pinot Noir 2014

The 2014 pinot crop was picked from March 28 to April 3, later than in recent years and only 25% of our usual harvest. Poor flowering in Spring resulted in a high percentage of very small berries which explains why the wine is so rich and concentrated. A great vintage.

Alcohol: 13.5%, PH: 3.35, TA: 6.2g/l

Half Acre Pinot Noir 2014

The 2014 pinot crop was picked from March 28 to April 3, later than in recent years and only 25% of our usual harvest. Poor flowering in Spring resulted in a high percentage of very small berries which explains why the wine is so rich and concentrated. A great vintage.

“A remarkable pinot of exceptional purity, drive and persistence, Long and smooth, its unctuous palate of concentrated chery/plum and fresh oak is supported by a fine but drying spine of pliant tannin, finishing with restrained power and elegance”
Jeremy Oliver, 2017 Australian Wine Annual , December 2016, 97 points

Alcohol: 13.5%, PH: 3.4, TA: 6.4g/l


Pinot Meunier

Pinot Meunier’s origins lie in Champagne, where it is commonly used for floral complexity in sparkling wines. Its purpose was to be used as this when first planted at Main Ridge Estate, if the climate proved to be unsuitably cold for table wine production. From our very first vintage we have instead been able to produce a unique expression of the varietal, as a table wine. Production is limited, 1 barrel, so the opening of one of these is always considered a special occasion.


Pinot Meunier 2015

Deceptively pale in colour, showing lingering aromatics of raspberry, rose and sweet earthy spices. Its luscious and generous mouth feel will remind you not to judge a book by its cover!

Alcohol: 13.5%, PH: 3.58, TA: 6.07g/l



Whilst uncommon on the Mornington Peninsula today, most early plantings in the region contained Merlot, alongside its usual partner Cabernet Sauvignon. Over time however, it was found the cooler climate and continual cloud cover made the region unsuitable for these varieties. Our Merlot always managed to achieve ripeness, albeit at a lower alcohol level than commonly seen in Australia, this delicate expression of the Merlot is more in line the wines of right bank of Bordeaux.


Merlot 2015

A cool climate merlot, offering pure cassis fruit at a surprisingly low alcohol level of 12.5%. Currently shows flinty, smoky flavours which will dissipate with age or decanting.

Alcohol: 12.5%, PH: 3.45, TA: 6.2g/l